Great Pumpkin Race


Little Girl Great Pumpkin
Race Committee

Race Director - Michael Gray
              (MTG EnterPrizes, Optimist)

    Coordinates all of the technical aspects of the race.

Registration - Kristin Kotter
                    (Nampa Rec Center)

    This process starts weeks before the race. Every racer fills out a registration. This needs to be entered into the computer. Each racer is matched up to a bib number and their T-Shirt, which is placed in the packet.
    Race day packet pickup can be a real challenge when everyone shows up at once. We also have packet pickup the night before at the Boy's and Girl's Club.
  • Nikki Berrelez (Nampa)
  • Tricia Combs (NCH Ed Cntr)
  • Shirley Conger (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Arline Devlin (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Jessi Redmond (Syringa)
  • Robert Redmond (Syringa)
  • Arnie Schritter (Syringa)
  • Jim Waters (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Bernadette Woodruff (ISSH)

Course Layout - Michael Gray
    Ever wonder who sets up all the lines and signs? Well, here we are, marking the course for the runners.
  • Steve Arnold (ISSH)
  • David Palumbo (Kiwanis)
  • Sandy Swim (ISSH)
  • Zach Swim (ISSH
  • Gene Weaver (Nampa)

Race Starter - Michael Gray
    On your marks, get set, bang! We also had celebrity starters.
  • Maxine Horn (Mayor)
  • Joe Hughes (KIVI)

Road Guard Director - Sandy Swim
                    (Idaho State School)

    The road guards are the ones who stand out there through rain, hail and sleet to make sure you don't get lost.
  • Steve Arnold (ISSH)
  • Kristin Butt (ISSH)
  • Susan Cornell (ISSH)
  • Bonnie DeCoria (ISSH Team)
  • Shannon Ferreira (ISSH)
  • Beth Gardner (ISSH)
  • Sharon Gray (ISSH, Optimist)
  • Janice Hochalter (ISSH)
  • Martha Leavell (ISSH)
  • Wes Leavell (ISSH Team)
  • Brandon Ryan (ISSH Team)
  • April Sanner (ISSH Team)
  • Jennifer Schossow (Optimist Team)
  • Yvette Acosta (Optimist Team)
  • Jody Solloway (ISSH)
  • Kathleen Wilson

Police - Tony Evans (Nampa PD)
    The Police provide some extra road protection for those hard to manage spots.
  • Margarita Wise
  • Chad Howard
  • Deran Watt
  • Victor Rodriguez

Chute Director - Gene Weaver
                    (Nampa Rec Center)

    The chutes are also known as the finish line. The chutes collect the information about times and places.
  • Alex Boschma
  • Brent Carpenter (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Andrea Chigbrow (Syringa)
  • Mark Chigbrow (Syringa)
  • Gil Craker (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Tom Dale (Nampa)
  • Irving Lawyer (TV Walkers)
  • Mike Madsen (Kiwanis)
  • Chuck Miller (Nampa)
  • Kelly Glenn-Murphy (TV Walkers)
  • Ken Rivett (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Kip Schossow (Optimist)
  • Darnell Smith
  • Dwight Thoroen
  • Reese Verner (Kiwanis)
  • Dave Palumbo

Result Trailer - Michael Gray (MTG)
    In the results trailer, we coordinate all the information from the Registration and the Chutes. This information is entered into the computer so that everyone can know their times, and places.
  • Sharon Allen (Syringa)
  • Sharon Gray (ISSH, Optimist)

Awards - Neil Smith (KIVI)
    Once we have the final results, we need to announce the winners. When you add up overall and the age group winners, we have about 178 ribbon winners.
  • Kathy Sommers (Kiwanis)
  • Anita Wardwell (Kiwanis)

Site Committee

Public Relations - Lynda Clark
          (NW Children's Home, Nampa)

    This position is what really make this a fund raiser. They find people to donate not only money, but goods and services too.
    Getting the word out is important. Part of the function of this race is a Thank You to the community for their support of NW Children's Home and Syringa House.
  • Vickie Holbrook (IPT)
  • Carolyn Sinnard (IPT)
  • Neil Smith (KIVI)
  • Lynn Borud (Mercy Medical)
  • Michael Gray (MTG)
  • Sandra Forester (Id Statesman)

Site Director - Linda Smith

    This person keeps track of all the stuff other than Race Stuff. We have food, games and other activities. This is a lot of stuff.
  • Sharon Allen (Syringa)

Volunteer Coordinator - Marti Hales

    Where did all the people go? Only the Volunteer Coordinator knows for sure. The volunteer coordinator makes sure every position is filled by an appropriate person.

Outback Steak Feed - Greg Barker

    They not only bring us the food, they stay and cook it for us too. Best picnic lunch ever.
  • Outback Crew
  • Justin Kurtz (Outback)
  • Thane Brown (Outback)
  • Cory Gramkow (Outback)
  • Bryan Russell (Syringa)
  • Melinda Russell (Syringa)

Food Tables
  • Frankee Daglen (Sunrise Rotary)
  • Charles Davenport
  • Laura Erwin (RSVP)
  • Loretta Evans (RSVP)
  • Phyllis Montgomery (Syringa)

Water Tables - Sandy Swim (ISSH)
  • Chris Coalson (JobCorps)
  • Ramonte Harris (JobCorps)
  • Mitchell Scott

Children's Activities
  • Anne Clark
  • Marilyn Gunning (RSVP)
  • Richard Gunning (RSVP)
  • Paula Reyes (Syringa)
  • Tara Richards (JobCorps)
  • Chuck Schenck (RSVP)
  • Donna Schenck (RSVP)
  • Jennifer Varner (Syringa)
  • Melinda Wright

Gofer - Nick Trienen (Trienen Constr)
    It is really amazing how much stuff we need to put this race on. Nick has trucks and trailers to move the stuff more efficiently.

Mascott Invites - Anita Wardwell

    Every year we invite mascotts from everywhere. If you have ever spent time around a mascott, you know just how fun and crazy they can be. Just imagine many mascotts. The kids think they are great... so do we!
  • The Great Pumpkin
  • Mrs. Pumpkin (Syringa)
  • Sparky the Fire Dog (Nampa FD)
  • Molly Moo (Idaho Dairymen)
  • Bonk (Idaho Steelheads)
  • Captain Carbo (CD Health)
  • McGruff (Nampa PD)

If you helped, but we forgot you, don't feel neglected.
Please Email us and we will correct our oversight. Besides, we'd like you to help next year too. ;)
Call: (208)463-0916
FAX: (208)463-1216 Northwest Children's Home
504 E. Florida Ave.
Nampa, Id 83686
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